How We HelpOrganizations


Are you hiring the right people for the right positions?

Different personality types fit better than others in specific jobs. Placing the wrong person on the job results in poor job satisfaction, low productivity, and high turnover.
I can help you narrow your search and increase the probability of a "good fit" by using the DISC and other assessment tools.

Are you promoting the right people for management positions, and training them to succeed?

Being great as a service provider does not make someone a great manager. People-management skills are often the most overlooked but important aspects of successful managers.
I work with supervisors and managers to greatly improve their people-management skills.

Are you a manager or supervisor who sometimes feels frustrated by certain employees?

(What manager or supervisor doesn't?)

I help managers and supervisors learn how to intervene more effectively with "difficult" direct reports (and everyone else, too), by understanding how to communicate and motivate specific people to improve their "attitude" and increase positive results.

Are you developing well-balanced, high-performing teams to best meet your organization's goals?

Most companies benefit from tapping into the diverse talents and traits of team members.
Is each member of your team speaking up and stepping up to contribute optimally to the organization's success?
I work with managers and their teams to increase recognition and appreciation of team members' different communication-styles and increase trust, to improve overall team collaboration, cooperation, productivity, and bottom-line results.