Are you using your talents, skills, and personality to your best advantage on your job in your career?

I coach professionals to find the job that is the right fit for you, and to "use" who you are to attain job satisfaction and success.

Are you a professional who wants to be more effective in communicating your great ideas to your team, your boss, your clients/customers, or your organization?

I coach professionals on how to communicate more assertively, confidently, and effectively while being true to "who you are".

Do you often feel "invisible" on your job, and want to be heard, valued, and have more influence so you can move ahead more successfully in your career?

I coach professionals on how to "stretch" yourself so you can be heard, seen, valued, and have more influence on the job and with clients/customers so that you can achieve your career goals and feel great about who you are and what you do.

ManagingPeople Skills


Have you recently been promoted to manager, or been at the manager level for a while, and struggle with the "people" aspects of your job?

Knowing how to manage people successfully is not "an automatic" for most people who have reached the supervisor or manager level in organizations, or who, as business owners or bosses, want to motivate and get the best from their employees.
I coach managers, supervisors, and leaders on the essentials needed to motivate, mentor, and manage your people for optimal employee engagement and organizational success.


Networking And Public Speaking


Are you the kind of person who dreads going to networking events, or panics at the thought of speaking in front of a group of people?

Some of us, who tend to be introverted, have an aversion to doing these kinds of activities - which are required by our jobs or by our career goals in order to reach the next level of success.
I provide individual coaching and small-group workshops to help you gain more self-awareness and self-confidence so that you can learn how to use your natural style and strengths to become much more successful in these kinds of activities.

Different personality styles face different challenges in the professional career success process. Where you are on the Introvert-Ambivert-Extrovert Personality Continuum can either help or hinder you in achieving your goals.

If you are closer to the Introverted end of the continuum, your quiet demeanor may result in your great ideas and contributions being overlooked or remaining unheard by your boss, customers, or others. You may avoid networking or public speaking because you lack self-confidence and these activities are outside of your "comfort zone" (despite the value they might have for "growing" your career or business).
If you are closer to the Extroverted end of the continuum, you may be the "life of the party" and consider yourself a "super-salesman", but you might not be listening to others so well, or you might be coming on "too strong" and turning off people who would respond better to a less "loud" approach.
Wherever you are on the continuum, wouldn't you like to maximize your effectiveness in communicating, listening, and being recognized as an important contributor? Both introverts and extroverts have lots of attributes that make them outstanding employees, managers, and leaders. They can be very successful in achieving their goals by proudly accepting who they are, and by honing their skills to more effectively communicate what they have to offer.
I help people gain more confidence and stretch their skills, while still being true to who they really are.