"I truly care about my clients' happiness and success. I listen closely to what they say, ask the kinds of questions that open them up to deeper understanding of themselves and others, and help them explore new and better choices, for their personal development, their careers, their businesses, their relationships, and their families."

Dr. Marc Miller

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Executive Coaching and Organizational Consulting

"I help professionals and organizations appreciate and develop each team member's unique talents and gifts, creating results that everyone can be proud of."

Marc Miller is President of MLM Coaching & Consulting, LLC. He provides executive coaching to executives, professionals, and business leaders, and also consults with organizational leadership teams to improve employee engagement and to create great places to work, increasing talent retention, productivity, job satisfaction, and overall profitability for the organization.

Marc has a Ph.D. in Psychology from Adelphi University. He has earned a Professional Coaching Certificate from the Professional Coaching Program at the Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College, CUNY and iCoachNewYork. As a professional coach, he holds the credential of Associate Certified Coach (ACC) awarded by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Marc is the current Chapter President of ICF-Long Island (NY).

He is certified in administering and interpreting a variety of personality assessments, including the MBTI, the DISC and Motivators assessments, and the Core Values Inventory©, and is a Value Added Associate (authorized distributor) of Target Training International, Inc.

Divorce Coaching

"As a Certified Divorce Coach®, I help folks who are going through a divorce maintain their emotional equilibrium through what is usually an extremely stressful process. As a divorce coach, I am a personal sounding-board for my clients, providing support and guidance, making the experience much more manageable as they work out the details of the divorce agreement with the help of their attorneys or mediators. Divorce coaching makes a big difference in helping divorcing individuals make the best decisions for themselves and for their children (if they are parents) through this challenging process."

Marc is a Certified Divorce Coach®. He has completed training in the Certified Divorce Coach® program (CDC College for Divorce Coaching, Divorce Coaching Inc., Tampa, FL), for which he also serves as a mentor coach in the training program. As a divorce coach, he collaborates with other divorce professionals (including matrimonial attorneys, divorce mediators, accountants and other financial specialists) to help divorcing clients navigate the emotional challenges of getting divorced, with optimal results for them and for their children.

Marc is also a divorce mediator who has completed the Mediation Intensive Training Program at The Center for Mediation in Law (New York City) and the Basic Training in Divorce Mediation program at The Center for Mediation and Training (New York City), where he also participated in the post-training Practicum Program. He is a member of the NY State Council on Divorce Mediation.

Please visit
www.marcmillermediation.com for more information on Marc’s work as a mediator.

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My “WHY” for being a Divorce Coach

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I have become a Certified Divorce Coach because I care deeply about how well adults and their children weather the often-treacherous divorce process, and I feel very committed to helping families navigate that process in as healthy and positive a way as possible, especially for the sake of the children. In pursuing that goal, I have been trained as a divorce mediator and have now added divorce coaching to my areas of coaching expertise.

On a personal level, my first marriage ended in divorce when my two kids were teenagers. Their mother and I found a divorce mediator (they were pretty rare 23 years ago) and the process was relatively peaceful. I always made sure that maintaining a consistent, loving relationship with my children stayed a very high priority in my life. In hindsight, however, I know that I sometimes put them “in the middle” by expressing negative feelings about their mother, and despite having a Ph.D. in psychology, I sometimes lost perspective on how difficult their parents’ divorce must have been for them. It took some time, especially for my daughter (my older child), to feel less angry at me and more accepting of the changes in our lives. I am grateful that, after so much time has passed, my relationships with both of my children (who now are married and have children of their own) are close and loving. It hasn’t always been easy, and I want to be able to help others going through divorce to benefit from what I’ve learned from my own experiences and from the training and knowledge that I have obtained over the years since.

In my second marriage, there have been great times and challenging times. Marriage takes work, patience, listening, and compromise (to mention some of the vital elements). I help clients who have been through divorce realize that there is life after their divorce, but there are many lessons to learn along the way. Too many people fail to learn from their marriages that have not worked out; the divorce rate for second (and third) marriages far exceeds that of first marriages. Coaching can definitely help increase the success rate of relationships that follow.

Professionally, I have come to realize that my professional talents and skills are particularly valuable when applied to the interpersonal-emotional aspects of helping people through divorce, as a divorce coach. I believe that by establishing collaborative partnerships with divorce attorneys and divorce mediators, I can be there for our divorcing clients in a more personally supportive kind of way than most lawyers and mediators usually can be (or would want to be), and by having me as their divorce coach, I can help our clients be better able to focus on the “business of divorce” with less emotional distractions.

In summary, my “WHY” is that while divorce is never easy for the adults or the children involved, I know that I can help my divorce coaching clients be their best selves through the process, for their own well-being and for the well-being of their children. That’s very important to me, and I’m eager to help by being a force for good through this difficult time.


Professional Development 

Are you using your talents, skills, and personality style to your best advantage on your job and in your career?

I coach professionals to find the job that is the right fit for you, and to “use” who you are to attain job satisfaction and success.

Are you a professional who wants to be more effective in communicating your great ideas to your team, your boss, your clients/customers, or your organization?

I coach professionals how to communicate more assertively, confidently, and effectively, while being true to “who you are.”

Do you often feel “invisible” on your job, and want to be heard, valued, and have more influence so you can move ahead more successfully in your career?

I coach professionals on how to “stretch” yourself so you can be heard, seen, valued, and have more influence on the job and with clients/customers, so that you can achieve your career goals and feel great about who you are and what you do.

“Managing People” Skills

Have you recently been promoted to manager, or been at the manager level for a while, and  struggle with the “people” aspects of your job?
Knowing how to manage people successfully is not “an automatic” for most people who have  reached the supervisor of manager level in organizations, or who, as business owners or  bosses, want to motivate and get the best from their employees.

I coach managers, supervisors, and leaders on the essentials needed to motivate, mentor, and  manage your people for optimal employee engagement and organizational success.

Improving Your Comfort-Level: Networking and Public Speaking

Are you the kind of person who dreads going to networking events, or panics at the thought of  speaking in front of a group of people?

Some of us, who tend to be introverted, have an aversion to doing these kinds of activities— which are required by our jobs or by our career goals in order to reach the next level of success.

I provide individual coaching and small-group workshops to help you gain more self-awareness  and self-confidence, so that you can learn how to use your natural style and strengths to  become much more successful in these kinds of activities.

training programs

"Working Along the Extrovert-Introvert Personality Continuum"

"Bridging the Gap Between Senior Managers and Millennials in the Workplace."

Different personality styles face different challenges in the professional career success process.
Where you are on the Introvert-Ambivert-Extrovert Personality Continuum can either help or hinder you in achieving your goals.

If you are closer to the Introverted end of the continuum, your quiet demeanor may result in your great ideas and contributions being overlooked or remaining unheard by your boss, customers, or others. You may avoid networking or public speaking because you lack self-confidence and these activities are outside of your “comfort zone” (despite the value they might have for “growing” your career or business).

If you are closer to the Extroverted end of the continuum, you may be the “life of the party” and consider yourself a “super-salesman,” but you might not be listening to others so well, or you might be coming on “too strong” and turning off people who would respond better to a less “loud” approach.

Wherever you are on the continuum, wouldn’t you like to maximize your effectiveness in communicating, listening, and being recognized as an important contributor? Both introverts and extroverts have lots of attributes that make them outstanding employees, managers, and leaders. They can be very successful in achieving their goals by proudly accepting who they are, and by honing their skills to more effectively communicate what they have to offer.

I help people gain more confidence and stretch their skills, while still being true to who they really are.


"How we help organizations"

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Are you hiring the right people for the right positions?

  • Different personality types fit better than others on specific jobs
  • Placing the wrong person on a job results in poor job satisfaction, low productivity, and high turnover
  • I can help you narrow your search and increase the probability of a “good fit” by using the DISC and other assessment tools

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Are you a manager or supervisor who sometimes feels frustrated by certain employees? 

(What manager or supervisor doesn’t?)

  • I help managers and supervisors learn how to intervene more effectively with “difficult” direct reports (and everyone else, too), by understanding how to communicate and motivate specific people to improve their “attitude” and increase positive results

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Are you promoting the right people for management positions, and training them to succeed?

  • Being great as a service-provider does not make someone a great manager
  • People-management skills are often the most overlooked but important aspects of successful managers
  • I work with supervisors and managers to greatly improve their people-management skills

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Are you developing well-balanced, high-performing teams to best meet your organization’s goals?

  • Most companies benefit from tapping into the diverse talents and traits of team members

  • Is each member of your team speaking up and stepping up to contribute optimally to the organization’s success?
  • I work with managers and their teams to increase recognition and appreciation of team members’ different communication-styles and increase trust, to improve overall team collaboration, cooperation, productivity and bottom line results


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